10 Days In

We’re ten days in to our Pozible campaign and we continue to feel like the luckiest people in the world. We’re currently 172% funded which is extraordinary, and we’ve already been talking to the printers about how to make the book as great as we can. 

We’ve also started planning how we’re going to get the book into stores, and have been having some good chats with incredible folk who have donated their time (and their minds) to the cause. If you’d love to see this book hit the shelves then you can help us do that - please continue to support us so we can distribute the book as widely and effectively as possible! Based on our planning and budgetting, if we hit 200% (I know, incredible!!) we’ll be in a really good place to do a limited release in stores with a bit of a push behind it. It’ll be modest, but from little things, big things grow. It’s true!