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Amazing Babes … is a sophisticated affair, with inspirational text beside full-page portraits of twenty influential women of the world. It’s a beautifully crafted book of potential role models for impressionable minds.
— Thuy On, Australian Book Review
One cannot read this book for the first time without a few tingles down the spine. This is an important and inspiring book and will appeal to those interested in current affairs, history and books which don’t fall back on gender stereotypes. Amazing Babes holds multiple messages for a wide range of readers. It begs to be read and re-read as the audience grows and matures. This is a book for school libraries, for bedrooms and for coffee tables everywhere.
While powerful female role models are plentiful, recognition of their contributions is still lacking. Amazing Babes attempts to start a conversation and inspire our children’
Amazing Babes is a wonderful concept delivered in a format that is accessible to all ages. It should be included in classroom and school library collections to inspire classroom discussions and would just as easily find a place on home bookshelves to offer encouragement and inspiration to children and adults alike.
Kids' Book Review
Great idea and brilliant execution.
The Age
When I first opened the book I was struck by its simplicity. Then after a while I admired the great and important story it told. And now, I am enjoying the discussion it has begun, the thoughts and stories and questions that are unfolding.
Amazing Babes is a truly gorgeous picture book … The beauty of this book is that it can be read to children of various ages with younger children simply enjoying the illustrations and growing familiarity with famous names and older children being able to go on and research further those women who particularly inspire them … There are simply not enough of these kinds of books being written for children and I hope this one finds plenty of success.
Amazing Babes is a beautiful picture book dedicated to celebrating the diversity and power of women’s achievements in recent history … The women profiled in Amazing Babes will continue to dance and incite revolutions for many years to come.
Lip Mag
Magic, a quality that makes the impossible seem simple, is a good word to sum up Amazing Babes. The technicolour portraits and accompanying text combine child-like optimism with wide-eyed aspiration and shows that marvelling at what’s possible can bring hidden dreams to light.
Broadsheet Sydney
I believe the subtext of the books we share with our kids is significant to their future moral development. Any girl who’s ever dreamt of meeting Prince Charming will agree! So, if you are a little princess-weary, or you’d like to expose your loved ones to a wider range of possible futures, Amazing Babes is the book for you!