Tavi Gevinson

b. 21 April 1996


By the age of 12, Tavi Gevinson had created a blog, Style Rookie, featuring photos of herself in distinctive outfits and a commentary on the latest fashion trends, which was drawing nearly 30,000 readers each day. At 15, she used the profile that she’d developed to launch the online magazine Rookie, engaging teenage girls in the issues that confront their generation. Since then, Tavi has involved herself in politics, both at home in America and overseas. She tours her ideas and encourages young women to be comfortable with who they are, and to always be themselves. 


Want to know more? Of course you do.

Tavi launched Rookie Magazine, a site for (and largely written by!) teenage girls in 2011.

Tavi also gave this great talk at TedXTeen, in which she talked about how she's still figuring it all out.