When Eliza asked Grace to work on a special birthday present for Arthur a brilliant partnership began.

Amazing Babes started life as a one-of-a-kind — lovingly written by Eliza Sarlos for her son Arthur. Eliza asked longtime friend Grace Lee to help bring the words to life and the result is spectacular, gorgeous and playful portraits introduce new readers to the lives of these  strong, powerful and world changing women.


Eliza Sarlos, Author

Eliza Sarlos is a writer, broadcaster, and creative producer whose practice has focused upon the introduction of broad audiences to a diversity of creative voices. Eliza is currently the Artistic Director at Underbelly Arts and has worked on creative projects for FBi Radio and Graphic Festival, as a Director of Sound Summit and as the Executive Director of MusicNSW



Grace Lee , Illustrator

Grace is a Tokyo-based illustrator. She previously worked as a designer at Australia’s Inside Out magazine. Her work includes illustrations for Japanese department stores Isetan and Beams as well as magazines such as Figaro Japan, FraU, Numero, Papier Mache, and Stella.